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Ever been to the highranges of Idukki…? The Western-Ghats of Kerala – you would have loved its greenery…? And now let me ask – Is Idukki all about its lush green scenic views…?

Seriously not and it’s beyond a tourist destination…! Of all the senses- you heard about our heaven-

You came, visited – You would have experienced enough of its nature and now let me ask- have you smelled its fragrance, tasted its richness…? The kind of freshness that you would experience nowhere in the State, the goodness of spices from the highranges that offers a fine dining…!

Yes, Idukki is beyond your favourite weekend destination, and as always said to you- our guests “leave footprints and take away memories”, now we would suggest to grab a pinch of our highrange “Let the goodness of spices add fragrance and enrich your taste buds”

Yes, we at Pepperbrew spices is a vocal for local initiative where you could experience a whole range of authentic spices from the highranges of Idukki – a one stop destination where you will be taken once again through the spice routes- right from the heart ofWestern-Ghats to your Kitchen for a yummy, delicious meal. And I bet, be it ice creams, deserts, Hyderabad biryani, or Indian Paratha, definitely you would require spices to season it, and we are at your service.

We deliver all type of organic spices, herbs and other farm produce, mostly own farm produce and locally sourced-ensuring its quality. Pepperbrew has been delivering wholesome produce straight from the farm to home since early 1990's.

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