Cardamom Pods- the bean that lights up the dreams of thousands of Farmers

Everbeen to the misty highranges of Idukki during monsoon..? There it all starts the Story of Cardamom Pods- The story of the farmers who build their empire upon dreams and hopes. Cardamom holds its history way back to the spice routes and I have heard my grand parents say, they walked towards the hills like others during those days with an offer from the Thirukochi Dynasty to cultivate Spices Viz Cardamom and Pepper mainly and they with the hope of a better living fought with the land ,Climate and wild animals to transform the forests into these days farmlands.

Of all the spices ,Cardamom Pods -holds its crown and is known as the queen of Spices. Be it your Hyderabadi Biriyani or Cookies or even Deserts you cant even imagine a dish without Cardamom Pods or Cardamom Powder. Its rich aroma and flavour gives your dishes a distinct flavour which pleases every plate.

and next time when you think about Cardamom Pods, think Pepperbrew Spices and /condiments to taste the authentic farm fresh spices from its homeland.


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